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Participants – undergraduate students from the Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Natural Sciences

At the beginning.......


Session I: Microfluidic system and advanced in vitro models

  Microfluidic system for cell cultivation on
                    Microfluidic cell-on-the-chip
                    cultivation system


      2D cell cultivation         organoids (3D) cell cultivation


The undergraduate students visited the animal facility at the BMC SAV.


Session II: Basic and translational research

Preparation of cells for cell cycle analysis by flow cytometry.


BD FACSCanto II flow cytometer              A. Distribution of cells. B. Cell cycle histogram


Cell cycle analysis by flow cytometry

Introduction to immunocytochemistry and cell seeding on coverslips


Analysis of cytoskeleton of mouse podocytes by immunocytochemistry
(Blue- nucleus, red- actin fibers, green-vinculin, 60x magnification)


Sample preparation for immunohistochemistry


Session III: Clinical oncology research

Preparation of patient samples for ddPCR

     Droplet generator                               Droplet reader


Sample results from patient UM56. Black = no template control, green = negative control (wild type), blue = positive control (primary uveal melanoma cells), orange = metastatic uveal melanoma cells


Session IV: Nanosafety research in regulatory context: Challenges and opportunities

Preparation of solutions for the comet assay and insertion of the samples into the electrophoretic solution



.....at the end.