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Joint summer school


Joint Summer School 2022 - Practical methods in oncological research - Theoretical part


Session II. – Basic and translational research – 3 presentations included:

  • Cancer and senescence (Ioanna Angelioudaki, PhD Student, Medical School, NKUA)
  • Translational research: from bench to bedside and back (Anastasia Derventzi, PhD, Medical School, NKUA)
  • How Genetic engineering can affect Cancer Research and Treatment: CRISPR Technique (Alexandros-Georgios Tzingounis, PhD Student, Medical School, NKUA) JQQ6J9ulLAC_m_kc?usp=sharing JQQ6J9ulLAC_m_kc?usp=sharing JQQ6J9ulLAC_m_kc?usp=sharing



Session III. – Clinical oncology research – 3 presentations included: