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Theoretical background of the trainings is available online in the folder:


Each applicant has to be vaccinated. Vaccination Travel conditions will be governed by the current legislation of the country of arrival and actual national regulations. Digital COVID Certificate is obligatory.

Acceptance by the host institution will be conditional depending on the epidemiologic situation and must be confirmed before departure.

Please, check the current pandemic situation in the destination before the flight as it could change dynamically. Insurance of the plane ticket to cancel the flight is mandatory due to unforeseen situations regarding the new COVID-19 variants spreading. Please, check also the conditions for entering the country of your interest.





1. Training in advanced in vitro models (Slovakia) INFO
2. Training in epigenetic analyses – DNA methylation (Slovakia) INFO
3. Training in qPCR and gene expression (Slovakia) INFO
4. Training in cellular stress response (Slovakia) INFO
5. Training in advanced co-culture intestine model (Germany) INFO
6. Training in in vitro 3D cell cultivation and stem cell differentiation (Germany) INFO
7. Study of cellular biological processes using nanoparticle devices (Spain) INFO
8. The use of the liquid biopsy in precision medicine (Spain) INFO
9. Isolation and culture of tumor and stroma cells from primary tumors (Spain) INFO
10. The involvement of tumor microenvironment in cancer progression (Spain) INFO
11. The use of mouse models in oncology research (Spain) INFO
12. Flow cytometry analysis of tumor biomarkers (Spain) INFO
13. Training in treating patients with GI tumors (Greece) INFO
14. Training in enrolling patients with GI tumors in research protocols (Greece) INFO
15. Training in surgical operational procedures aiming to treat patients with GI tumors (Greece) INFO
16. Initiation in Medical Genetics and Genetic Counselling (Greece) INFO
17. Training in exosome isolation methodology (Greece) INFO
18. Training in circulating tumor cells isolation methodology (Greece) INFO
19. Training in protein expression analysis (Greece) INFO
20. High throughput genotoxicity testing training (Norway) INFO
21. Training in confocal microscopy (characterisation, uptake of nanomaterials and in situ oxidative stress on live cells) (Norway) INFO
22. Advanced 3D models: ALI co-cultures and liver spheroids - application of the comet assay (Norway) INFO
*By the submission of registration the applicant agrees with the personal data handling by the VISION project management



How to apply for the training funding

The amounts granted for each individual training will be covered by the Home Institution. All expenses related to the training itself are covered by the Host Institution. The applicant will agree on the date of the travel with a senior researcher affiliated to the Host institution (the mentor). A written letter of invitation (with signature) from the mentor, that is also a written agreement from the Host Institution that the VISION applicant may perform the training activities on the agreed dates, is required before the travel.

Please send the following documents to

  • A motivation letter
  • A support letter from the Home Institution (with signature)
  • A full C.V. (including a list of academic publications - if applicable)

A motivation letter (2 pages maximum) should include:

  • Name of applicant and contact details
  • Training title
  • Proposed start and end dates of the training
  • Aims and motivation (explain the scientific and/or other motivation for the training and what scientific and/or other outcomes you aim to accomplish)
  • The evaluation of the applications and selection of the grantees will be performed by the Steering Committee of the VISION project based on the gender balance, on the scientific scope of the application and how it can support VISION in achieving its objectives. The applicant will be formally notified of the outcome of their application by the Steering Committee Coordinator (Approval letter).

    Motivation letter:    download template




Required documents after the end of the training:

The final report must be submitted within 30 days from the end date of the training to the Steering Committee (; along with a short annotation that will be published on the VISION project web site

The final report (max. 3 pages) should include:

  • training title
  • training start and end date
  • name of trainee
  • purpose of the training
  • description of work carried out during the training
  • description of the main results obtained
  • conclusion and acknowledgement

Final report:    download template





The upper limit for travel grant is 2,500 € (1 month)



  • Transportation – long-distance travel expenses (Airplane, Train or Bus)
    Select the most economical means of transportation (please, provide 3 price offers); only economy class tickets are eligible for reimbursement. The participant must submit as a supporting document the original ticket (and the related invoice if the price is not indicated on the ticket) mentioning the name of the passenger, the price, dates of travel, departure and arrival times and the booking class.

  • Cross-border travel expenses and local transport
    Cross-border travel receipts including date, time, route and rate are required. All public transport receipts are also required.

  • Accommodation
    Select the most economical means of accommodation. The accommodation expenses must be paid directly by the participant; receipt including date and rate are required.

  • The daily allowance per country

Country Time spent in the country [h]
< 6 h 6 – 12 h 12 – 24 h
Germany 11.25 € 22.50 € 45.0 €
Greece 10.50 € 21.0 € 42.0 €
Norway 105 NOK/10.40 € 210 NOK/20.80 € 420 NOK/41.20 €
Spain 10.75 21.50 € 43.0 €


  • Travel insurance
    Health and other necessary insurance costs included in the travel insurance according to the national regulations.


Registration, honorarium or lecture fees; transportation expenses to obtain the visa; healthrelated expenses, life and medical insurance not related to the travel; overnight stay during a trip by car, fuel costs, tolls, and car rental costs; Wi-Fi, telephone, internet, and minibar consumption; printing costs, postage; regional or national taxation fees, stamp duty expenses.

N.B. Submit a completed Travel Reimbursement Request (TRT) within 30 calendar days from the end date of the training (together with the supporting documents).