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Course: Patenting of medical inventions


Partner Topic of the training Training description Proposed duration of the training Planned date
BMC SAV Course: Patenting of medical inventions The course aims to provide participants with basic principles of intelectual property rights and patenting Online - 1 day / 20-30 persons 24.11.2021 at 14:00 (CET)


The aim of the seminar “Patenting of medical inventions” is to acquaint the audience with the issues of obtaining patent protection for inventions from the field of medicine and biotechnology. The presentation starts with a short introduction of the Technology Transfer Office of Slovak Academy of Sciences, its history, team and services. The second part of the presentation deals with intellectual property, its two main categories (industrial property and copyright) and briefly also with various protection forms of intellectual property. The next part of the seminar introduces to the audience the most common type of industrial legal protection used in research organizations and universities – the patent protection. The main part of the presentation is devoted to patenting of medical inventions and explains to the audience on practical examples what and how can be patented in the field of medicine and biotechnology as well as the special rules that apply in these fields. The seminar will end with a discussion and answering of questions.