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Training in qPCR and gene expression (Slovakia)


Partner Topic of the training Training description Proposed duration of the training Planned date
BMC SAV QPCR, gene expression Analysis of RNA, DNA extracted from tumour cells cultivated in vivo, in vitro or after drugs treatment 2 students, 1 month Open for applications from January 2022


Synthesis of mRNA or gene expression is a critical part of protein synthesis. It is an area of active research which aids in the understanding of numerous biological pathways and diseases. Quantitative PCR (qPCR) provides information about the amount of mRNA present in the sample. Moreover, qPCR can be used for a wide number of applications including microRNA and non-coding RNA analysis, genetic variation and mutation detection. Course “INTRODUCTION TO RT-PCR” aims to provide participants with all the information necessary for the successful implementation of the qPCR method and subsequent evaluation of the results. An introduction is directed to users not yet fully familiar will qPCR who wish a deeper understanding of the fundamentals. The following steps focus on all aspects of sample preparation, reverse transcription and different quantification strategies such as comparative quantification. The course enables participants to understand the principles of designing an efficient real-time PCR assay, interpreting real-time PCR data and troubleshooting real-time PCR assays.